Valuation – Mortgage Financing

How can our Valuation Services help you finance a mortgage?


The most common reason for a real estate appraisal is for mortgage financing purposes. Residential Research & Valuation provides an appraisal report that is both thorough and addresses all USPAP, supplemental standards and underwriting guidelines. At the same time, we also strive and make the report understandable for all readers, from the underwriter to the homeowner. Our appraisal reports include a thorough analysis of market and employment trends which are graphically displayed and provide a complete analysis on both a county and market area level.

Residential Research & Valuation provides valuation services for single family, condominium, 2-4 unit income properties and vacant land. We provide appraisal services that include fee simple, partial interest, estate, mortgage financing, gift tax, energy efficient “green” homes, retrospective appraisals and reviews.

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