Green & Energy Efficient Homes

How can our Valuation Services maximize the value of your green and energy efficient home?


The National Home Builders Association (NAHB) indicates that green construction addresses the energy efficiency, water and resource conservation and the use of sustainable or recyclable products in addition to the indoor air quality of a property. There are several green rating programs available to the consumer that provide a quantitative measure of the properties “green features” and energy efficiency. However, in order to accurately appraise a green or energy efficient home the appraiser must have the proper training to recognize these features during their inspection and possess the proper education in applying recognized techniques in determining their contribution toward value.

Bill Kelly, President of Residential Research & Valuation has completed the professional development series offered by the Appraisal Institute in the appraisal of green homes. In addition, he has appraised homes offering HERS energy efficiency ratings and green homes certified through LEEDS and the Florida Green Builders Coalition.

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