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How can our Estate Valuation & Probate services take the stress out of settling an estate?


Settling an estate typically requires an appraisal to determine market value for real property at the time of passing. The staff of Residential Research & Valuation possesses the knowledge and experience with regard to the procedures and requirements requested by both state and federal agencies to perform a retrospective appraisal that fulfills these requirements. Additionally, the ethical obligations stated within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Appraisal Institute assures you that our staff will adhere to confidentiality, providing the strongest degree of privacy for you and your family.

The task of settling an estate can prove to be both stressful and at times overwhelming, Residential Research & Valuation has the experience to assure that not only your expectations will be met, but we will meet the standards required by state and federal agencies. As an executor, we will strive to assure you will be satisfied with the analysis we provide you. Additionally, we will provide an appraisal report that will show solid conclusions to provide to the IRS and state agencies’. You need not be concerned over anything, because the staff of Residential Research & Valuation will be there to support our work should it ever be challenged.

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